Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic

If you take care time, it will be worth you. Watch adds to your personality. The need of the time is to wear the latest watch with advanced features. Here on this website, we bring you reviews of the latest watches from different companies. We invest our time to bring a watch to you that you need which is the Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic.

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic is a watch with beautiful body composition. It provides you the information about each physical activity that you perform. Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic provides information about your body’s fats, mass, and, water levels in the body. Moreover, it is the best smartwatch to monitor the body’s response during sleep.  Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic has more decent features to track body fitness including the monitoring of heart condition by ECG. So, you can keep track of the heart monitoring on the Samsung galaxy phone that is compatible with that function that allows you to visit the doctor with your detailed ECG report. This watch helps you to get an account of your exercise sessions. It’s a waterproof watch that can be used to get track of swimming as well. You may take help in the running. The watch 4 is a coach for you to make you physically fit. Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic allows you to use google search and Appstore on your wrist. You can get different apps to enjoy different features including google maps, weather info, YouTube, and the latest watch features. It is recommended watch for you that includes Bixby and Google Assistant as well.

  • The dimensions of the body are 44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8 mm.
  • Weight is 30.3 g for a 44mm watch and 25.9 g for a 40mm watch.
  • It has gorilla glass that provides great protection to the screen.
  • You can find an option for eSIM as well.
  • ECG and blood pressure monitor.
  • It provides 450 x 450 pixels resolution.
  • Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic has the Android Wear OS.
  • The CPU is a Dual-core 1.18 GHz Cortex-A55.
  • It provides 16GB storage and1.5GB RAM.
  • It provides a loudspeaker but no camera.
  • It provides Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band options.
  • It’s the best watch with Bluetooth feature but has no radio and USB option.
  • It comes up with great sensors including an accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, and barometer.
  • It has Li-Ion 361 mAh battery that cannot be removed.
  • It comes up in Black, Green, PXG Golf Edition, Thom Browne Edition, Pink, Gold, Silver, and Bespoke Edition.
  • You will get the best GSM / HSPA / LTE network.

The watch is provided the best looks that add to the beauty of your personality.

Our Verdict.

It is an amazing watch from Samsung.

Our Score


  • Includes eSIM options.
  • Best screen resolution.
  • Multiple features.
  • Good memory and RAM.
  • Good resolution.


  • Bit expensive.

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